Neural Network Tutorial

Neural Network Tutorial



The number input field, expands the neural net by the integer provided. So you can max out your hardware in the simulation. Which at the start are the three zeros on the right side of the screen.

the red square, spawns a spider bot, at the last place you have clicked on the screen.


the grey/blue spawns a droid. these bots interacts on the 2d plane and also feed input to the neural net.








makes the camera follow the alien, which changes the tiles on the 2d plane. You can also follow the droid on the screen with the “D” button then clicking on the screen.


You can also add custom personalities by adding a text in the personality box, which would be a couple paragraphs, where instead of spaces, you have commas example: one, two, three, four, … and so on.


The large text box is for the parser to read full essays. You place regular human text into this box, and press “Digest” it is most interesting if you both add a personality, and allow it to digest the same, or similar text.


You can also draw your own tiles, and bricks. if there are spiders on the play field they will build the bricks by colliding with the flashing target..


You can control the 3d space with the arrow keys, and “shift” or “ctrl” move forward and backwards.

The microphone input feeds directly into the neural net.